Elon Musk vs Tony Stark

Steve Jobs is fondly remembered as a great visionary and because he built a multi-million dollar company. After all, his products are in the hands of a huge number of consumers (this post was created with an Apple product). However, it’s Elon Musk who will have a real and long-term impact on humanity.

There simply is no fair comparison between Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. The latter is in a league of his own, so here is a comparison between him and our beloved Avenger, Tony Stark:

Elon Musk vs Tony Stark

At 41, Musk has made quite a name for himself as a real-life visionary, billionaire, inventor and philanthropist. Eat your heart out, Tony.

Sure, Ironman is pretty cool as a weapon and a protector against alien and earthly invaders. Then there are the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and the Avengers Quinjets. However, Musk is behind such amazing initiatives as Tesla cars and the SpaceX program.

Also, Stark Enterprises’s arc reactor and repulsor power technology solves most of mankind’s energy needs. But the Hyperloop could make space travel possible for most of us average people. And did we mention it’s real?

He has brought the future of mankind to the present. Some say he’ll single-handedly push ahead humanity by 50 years. Now that’s quite an achievement.


Business cards of Steve Jobs and Gates

Think that thin, simplistic elegance and coolness of your iPhone or Macbook is just something magically created by accident within the last 10 years or so? It took a lot longer than that, but the roots of it can be seen in Steve Jobs’s Apple Computers business card from over 30 years ago:

Apple vs Microsoft - Bill Gates and Steve Jobs business cards

What you also see is how a simple, black-on-white-background business card, like Steve’s, is so much more effective than a blaring and colorful one, like that of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

A similar contrast is visible in their respective products, decades later. Elegant and simple vs colorful and tacky.

Steve Jobs ASCii portrait

Here is some ASCII art, featuring one of the most famous portraits of Steve Jobs. A fitting tribute to a man who brought us so far using these bits and pieces.

The legend died exactly two months ago. We still miss you, Steve.

Steve Jobs from computer parts

MAC enthusiasts have built a fitting tribute to Steve Jobs — a portrait of the legend made entirely out of printed circuit boards, microchips and other computer components.

The amazing picture was created by taking apart an Apple MacBook Pro and rearranging the bits to make the late Jobs’s face. via

Apple drinking water

What if Apple got into the bottled water business? It has a very simple formula and there’s hardly any room left for improvement, but then again, it is Apple we’re talking about.

An Apple logo that changes color to match the optimum water temperature, handy and well-balanced bottle and the perfect amount of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Steve Jobs would be proud.

Heavenly tablet upgrade

Apple’s iPad or the Samsung Tab aren’t the only products being targeted for an upgrade. Now that Steve’s no longer here, you could expect the Ten Commandments to come to you in a newer, better tablet.

Hope this time they’re not abused as much as they have been in the past.

They took our Jobs

You can almost picture the people of South Park say it out loud in a thick, Southern accent. Thirty years ago, we had Bob Hope, Steve Jobs and Johnny Cash. Now we have no jobs, no cash and no hope. They took our Jobs.