iPhone Diorama

A little old, but amazing video.

iPhone diorama

Michael Ko‘s graduation pieces. Took three months to complete it. Check out the video!

Done with Maya, After Effects, Pftrack.
The footages were shot with Cannon T2i
Soundtrack by Chairlift – Bruises

iPhone Dock and Bluetooth Headset in beautiful Oak

“First of the Brand New series of IPhone Phones… The Bluetooth Headset, Lets you talk and call wirelessly 30 foot away… talk on your phone while its charging or even in another room… will make a great base unit”

This would make a beautiful addition to some ones Home, Office, or place of Business.

This purchase is for the iPhone-iPod Dock and USB cable only ( iPhone, keyboard, mouse and iMac are shown for display only), also available in different woods and finishes, cherry, hard maple, oak, hand painted marble and rusty metal finishes, Options maybe extra.


When Chuck Norris Calls

If you’re lucky (unlucky?) enough to get a call from Chuck Norris, you don’t just cancel or put your iPhone on silent. You have but one choice.

Chuck Norris phone call

And dont even think about throwing the phone away. It’ll just come flying back and hit you twice as hard for your disrespect.

Homemade iPhone 5

Instead of buying a cheap (and potentially harmful) Chinese knockoff iPhone 5, this guy made his own from a slab of steel and a little elbow grease. Probably didn’t spend more than a couple of dollars.

Home made Apple iPhone 5

Sure, it can’t make any calls or let you watch your favorite YouTube clip, but nobody else has to know.

iPhone 5 template steel bar

Pretty simple process to convert the steel bar into Apple’s latest phone.

Cheap iPhone 5

Would be pretty useful as a decoy in case of mobile theft or muggings. Keep a dozen or so in stock and hand them out when confronted.

More details here

Apple officially announces iPhone 5

We’re not going to waste time telling you what an iPhone is. You want to know what’s new and when can you get your hands on the latest Apple phone/pocket-everything, right? So, here you go.

For starters, it’s taller and thinner, it has 4G LTE and it will of course run iOS 6. You’ll see five rows of icons instead of four and mail and calendar have been formatted to show you more on the larger screen (along with Garage Band and some others). The dock connector is no longer the 30 pin you’re used to and the phone sports a two-tone back for the first time.

apple officially announces iPhone 5

Everything seems upgraded (better graphics, faster WiFi, a panorama mode on the camera, new EarPods) and it’s basically awesome. Pre-orders start on the 14th and the iPhone 5 goes on sale the 21st. [Details]