Astonishing watermelon carvings

Fruit and vegetable carving is an interesting art that can produce some amazing results, while wasting food that could feed a few hungry people.

Watermelons produce some of the best fruit carvings, thanks to their size, ease in carving and the harmony between its green, red and pink colored parts.

Beautiful flowers cut out of watermelons

No, not a Ming vase. This one’s made out of pure watermelon

Roses and their leaves carved out of a single watermelon

A bouquet basket of a giant pink watermelon flower

Here is a whole assortment of watermelons, carved to look like flowers or delicious desserts

Now we know what the death star was made of and why it was so easy to destroy. Must have kept the Ewoks fed for years afterwards

How about turtle dessert? The berries make it look delicious