Spot the time traveler

As you can see from this vintage photo, someone managed to time travel back from our time to one where things were a lot simpler. Can you identify him/her?

Spotting the time traveler isn’t difficult, but how many of you managed to find the iPhone?

Barney is Riddler in next Batman movie

Riddle me this. Who will play the next villain in the next Batman movie by Christopher Nolan? Here’s a clue: It’s going to be legen-wait_for_it-dary. Legendary.

Our beloved Barney Stinson (of HiMYM fame), aka Neil Patrick Harris, aka NPH, will be playing the Riddler. Should be a refreshing change from Jim Carrey’s wacky portrayal of the genius villain.

Or so this fan poster would have you believe. Neil Patrick Harris may fit the part perfectly, but it’s still just fan speculation. Here’s hoping someone starts taking the rumors seriously and actually makes this a reality.