French fry coated hotdog

Here’s a treat from Korea for all you lovers of filthy, fatty food. A fry dog.

After getting covered in batter and french fries, this hotdog is fried again, just to make sure all traces of nutrients are gone.

Available in most Korean markets, it is probably another remnant of the Korean war and 50 years of experiments with hotdog recipes.

During wartime, meat scarcity meant that locals often had to forage for supplies from American bases. A major food item for the Americans was the strange, fulfilling and tasty treat we know as the humble hotdog.

Fry dog

If you want variety, there is hotdog wrapped in seaweed, hotdog covered in mashed potatoes and even hotdog covered in bacon, all deep fried.

There is also a strange hotdog stew that’s quite popular. One has to wonder, if this is what Koreans are eating (and I’m sure they’re smoking more as well), why are they in a much better shape than the Americans?