Forests in the sky

CO2 Scraper

The future seems to look more and more interesting. We humans haven’t done a great job preserving trees here on earth, but soon, they may be reaching higher than ever.

Architects have come up with the CO2 Scraper, a tall structure that holds up 400 trees and filters all that pesky global warming out of the air.

A little scary when you imagine what might happen if storms hit or termites get their way. But then again, if it saves millions or billions of lives by reducing pollution, what are a few squished people?

Maybe they should construct it to be mobile. So that it can be taken wherever pollution rears its ugly head. Or on a giant platform at sea.

I’m also hoping to see flying forest islands in my lifetime. How about combining WiFi, oxygen factories and coolness all into one? We can have giant zeppelins that do all this.