Crocs with frickin magnets


We’ve heard of killer bees, mutated birds and sharks with frickin lasers. But the real danger is about to be unleashed in Florida.

Wildlife managers have started taping magnets to the heads of crocodiles to prevent them from finding their way back to residential areas.

But we know for a fact that this is actually an attempt by a retired super-villain in his 80s to build his army of giant magno-crocs.

Just imagine that you’re about to land in Miami with new evidence against Dr. Jiggles. Your plane suddenly starts to shake and is pulled into a nearby swamp.

The Dr. Jiggles’s crocs then switch off their magnets and have their way with you, destroying any of the evidence you may be carrying. The Dr. lives on well into his 90s.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
(Croc image pirated from Wikipedia and heavily modified. Real magnets will look much cooler)