Fun brain test

Do you see the dancer spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise? Your answer could tell if you are a left brained or right brained person and could play a role in defining your personality.

Spinning dancer

Seems that most people will see the dancer turning anti-clockwise which means they mostly use the left side of the brain. I can see her spinning both ways, though most of the time, it is clockwise. Guess that makes me a real freak.

Left brain people supposedly tend to use logic, are detail and facts oriented, are good with words and language, better at math and science, can comprehend things better and are reality based. They are better at forming strategies and tend to be more practical.

Right brain people use feelings, are “big picture” oriented, have good imaginations, are good with symbols and images and looking at the future. They are more likely to be philosophical and religious, as well as being risk-takers.