iPhone Diorama

A little old, but amazing video.

iPhone diorama

Michael Ko‘s graduation pieces. Took three months to complete it. Check out the video!

Done with Maya, After Effects, Pftrack.
The footages were shot with Cannon T2i
Soundtrack by Chairlift – Bruises

Line-X the wonder coating

Line-X claims to be a wonder material that can strengthen and protect anything coated with it.

Line-X ultra strong material

Check out this video showing what a thin layer can do for something as fragile as an egg or a plastic cup:

If it really is this amazing, then imagine everything we can use it for. Protect buildings from earthquakes, on phone covers and pretty much anything that can break.

Take my money.

Epic photoshoot in the Alps by Mammut and hundreds of climbers

For their 2015 ad campaign, Swiss mountaineering equipment maker Mammut organized an amazing photoshoot. The shoot involved hundreds of participants, all dressed in red. The photographer was Robert Bosch, also from Switzerland.


Mountaineers running in the Alps

Mammut Matterhorn

Robert Bosch mountain photography

World map Robert Bosch

More pics here.

Next year it will be 150 years since the Matterhorn was first climbed. The photo shoot and ad campaign will celebrate this anniversary. You can see in the first pic climbers with torches who marked the path taken for the mountain’s first ascent.

The rest of the photos are really amazing too. Via Phographer

Air Cannon made from water bucket

Ellen DeGeneres and Steve show off this awesome air cannon that anybody can make at home using a shower curtain and a water bucket.

Check out the way they add smoke to it and mow down the audience. Amazing.

Man buried while riding his Harley Davidson

Billy Standley from Mechanicsburg, Ohio, started planning his funeral 18 years ago. Now after dying at the ripe old age of 84, he has been buried according to his wishes and his grand plan.

Billy Harley Davidson coffin

Encased in a plexiglass coffin, Billy was dressed in his biker gear and laid to rest riding his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Here is his specially-dug grave:

Billy Standley grave

And here is Billy being lowered into the ground:

Harley Davidson burial

Let’s hope he finds enough fuel to keep him going in the afterlife. Who knows, one day a future race might dig him up and bring him back to life.


The Lamborghini Egoist is truly crazy

This is strictly for those who have an ego the size of Everest and a bank balance to match it. The Lamborghini Egoist is a concept car by the super-car maker and seats just one person. It is a gift to itself to mark Lamborghini’s 50th birthday.

Lamborghini Egoist

Instead of doors, it has a canopy that opens up like the cockpit of a fighter jet. Inside is a steering wheel and display that you always dreamed about as a child.

Lamborghini cockpit

This monster comes with a bright and colorful design that makes it look like an Apache attack helicopter that’s designed for space.

One seat Lamborghini

Lamborghini one seat

There’s even marking to show you where to step when jumping into the hot seat.

Lamborghini seat

Now don’t tell me you wouldn’t want something this crazy.

Lamborghini side view

Truly the height of opulence and luxury. Too bad you can’t pick up any chicks with it (not literally anyway). via

The Natural Beauty of Burgers

All burgers are created equal. Yet the media has set impossibly high standards for what a normal burger should look like. This results in discrimination and lots of disappointment for everyone.

Real burgers media standards

We need to join hands to stop this cruel practice so that everyone can enjoy delicious burgers without taking appearances into consideration.